Do Not Exit. Only Enter.

Warning: Bad Puns Ahead

Read this sign—posted on Washington and 1st, here in Hoboken—and tell me if you see any issues with it. Imagine being a foreigner to the United States who has never seen this sign before. Imagine being someone that doesn’t speak English as a primary language, like so many tourists and visitors to New York. Read more

The Big Red Word vs. the Little Green Man

Special thanks to @ForwardMyMail for pointing out this wonderful article about iconography, image recognition, strategy in environmental design and international cultural differences. Many designers, myself included, deal with these arguments every day — though not specifically with exit signs. And these ideas are a source of not only a lot of headaches and heated discussions, but also rewarding and enjoyable.

No Sleep til Breuckelen?

Someone recently laminated over “Brooklyn” on the 23rd St A/C/E Subway station entrance with the original name. An over-zealous Peter Stuyvesant fan? A shareholder in the Dutch West Indies Company? An Old Amsterdamian? Dunno. But what I love is that this “street art” actually prompts us to wiki. Now if that isn’t clever, ik weet niet wat er zou zijn.